Throne of Glass

Book 1 of the Throne of Glass series

By Sarah J. Maas

9/10 Stars

When magic is gone from the world and a vicious king rules over the kingdom, an assassin comes to the castle, not to kill, but to win her freedom. If she can defeat twenty three other killers, thieves, and criminals, she will become the King’s Champion, the personal assassin of the king. And after that, she’ll be free. She is Celaena Sardonithan. Two men love her. Everyone wants to kill her. And only she can save them all.

Celeana is such a great character. Raw & real, she’ll have your sympathy as soon as you read her story. The book is packed with action and mystery, twisted with betrayal, friendship, and romance. Very well written and exciting. Highly recommend! Can be a bit gory, so keep above age 12.

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Book 1 in Divergent series

By Veronica Roth

9/10 Stars

Movie in March 2014

In a futuristic Chicago, to keep the peace, you must decide your life at sixteen. Will you be honest in Candor, peaceful in Amity, intelligent in Erudite, selfless in Abnegation, or brave in Dauntless? Beatrice Prior has always pushed herself down to be the daughter of an Abnegation leader, but even then, she isn’t perfect. So when it comes time for her to decide, and she finds out she is Divergent, which means she has the ability for three- Erudite, Abnegation, or..Dauntless. Going against every instinct, Beatrice picks Dauntless. In Dauntless, she becomes Tris, and learns how to jump trains, fly off cliffs, fight and kill people, and shoot a gun. And there’s a boy, of course. She learns the meaning of Divergent, and learns that she must keep it a secret at all costs. That people would kill her if they found out. And that her peaceful society has a breed of plotters, about to start a war.

Oh, my. I have heard about this book for a very long time, and though I searched for it in the libraries, I never found it. Until the other day when I saw it peeking out of the shelves. I picked it up, opened the pages, and I was hooked. This book is impossible to stop reading. It had me on the edge of my seat. The author writes with an unmistakeable voice, and characters so developed they will blow your mind. The one part I didn’t like about this book was the tinge of violence to everything. Knives, blood, guns, easy death, suicide, sure that’s all fine in small doses. But over and over it can prove to be too much. Overall though, I loved this book, and am dying to find the next one. I highly recommend it.

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Dawn of the Clans: The Sun Trail

Book 1 of the Warriors prequel series “Dawn of the Clans”

By Erin Hunter

9/10 Stars

Before the four Clans reached the lake, there was a Tribe starving in the mountains. Their leader saw a sign that would lead half of them to a new home, and so the cats left, journeying to a new home. Gray Wing didn’t want to go, but when he was forced to find his younger brother, who decided to follow the journeying cats himself, Gray Wing has no choice but to leave his mountain home. Deadly eagles and heartless Twolegs make their path all the more difficult, and Gray Wing can’t help but wonder, Is this a trail we were never supposed to take?

I loved this book. I am a fan of the Warriors series, and I always love when the author comes out with another story explaining some of my questions about the Clans’ origin. Written very well with subtle hints of the clans to come, I highly recommend this book.

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By Anne Ursu

8/10 Stars

Once upon a time, Hazel and Jack were inseparable. They dreamed of Oz, Hogwarts, and so much more together, always having their own worlds, apart from other children. But then Jack begins to ignore Hazel, and everyone tells her that this is bound to happen at her age. Hazel knows it is never that simple, and she is right. A witch with an icy heart has stolen Jack and taken him away into her kingdom, and if Hazel wants to get him back, nothing will ever be the same again.

This is a haunting, magical story of mystery, darkness, and friendship. I recommend it to all who enjoy fantasy and excitement, especially kids. This author has always been a favorite of mine and she has an amazing writing style to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Clockwork Angel

Book 1 of the Infernal Devices series

By Cassandra Clare

9/10 Stars

Movie rumored!


Tessa Gray’s aunt just died and she is going to live with her brother in London. But immediately after arriving, Tessa is kidnapped by a pair of warlocks, the Dark Sisters, who will prepare her for marriage with a mysterious Magister by teaching her of a power she has inside, allowing her to become another person, living or dead. She is rescued and soon feels at home at the London Institute of Shadowhunters, angel-human beings created to fight demons. The danger just grows higher and higher as Tessa and the Shadowhunters fight to figure out who Tessa is, and how to get her brother back.

An amazing, spellbinding book full of twists, and mystery, and romance, and action. I couldn’t put this book down, and bought the next one right after, since I was loving the book so much. Cassandra Clare does a great job with her plot & characters, and if you are a fan of the Mortal Instruments series, you’ll recognize a few last names, and a couple awesome characters will return. I highly recommend this book to ages 13 and up.

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Nobody’s Princess

Book 1 of the Nobody’s Princess series

By Esther Friesner

9/10 Stars

Helen is tired of being overlooked. She wants to be able to control her own life, say yes or no, always. But instead she is at the needle or putting on silly dresses and hairstyles without anyone listening to her. Then someone tells her, “If Aphrodite could get her hands on one of Zeus’ thunderbolts, even Zeus wouldn’t dare ignore her.” And since she can’t get a thunderbolt, she goes with the next best thing, a sword. A completely new perspective of the famous Helen of Troy, this book is full of inspiring women warriors including Atalanta & the Oracle herself, but also includes many, men in particular, who don’t agree with women being able to defend themselves. 

This was an amazing book! I’m already dying for the next one. Helen is so spunky and strong you can’t help but admire her for her persistence. Incredibly written with great characters you might just recognize and hunts you may have heard of (think Theseus and the boar hunt), I highly recommend this book to all females & all those who enjoy Greek myths.

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City of Bones

Book 1 of Mortal Instruments series

Movie coming out this summer!

By Cassandra Clare

4.8 Stars


Fifteen year old Clarissa Fray, known as Clary, sneaks out to a night club with her best friend Simon and her world changes. When she sees a group of strangely marked teenagers kill a seemingly innocent boy, she screams, but no one else can see them. Soon, one of the teens seeks her out and tells her the truth. She’s a Shadowhunter, an ancient breed of half angel- half human demon-hunters, and her father is the biggest threat the Shadowhunters yet. 

An amazing book that I picked up and set down too many times before I finally decided to read it. I am very glad I did. Recommended for at least ages 12 and up, this book is full of action, mystery, romance, and adventure. It has believable scenes and characters you can’t stop reading about, and you will pick a favorite supporting character. I already have a bunch.. Satisfying and interesting, the series continues with City of Glass and the movie is coming out this summer!

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Mysterious Benedict Society & the Perilous Journey

Book 2 of the Mysterious Benedict Society series

By Trenton Lee Stewart

4.9 Stars


The members of the Mysterious Benedict Society were looking forward to reuniting again for a mysterious surprise Mr. Benedict is planning, until Mr. Benedict & Number Two are kidnapped by none other than Mr. Curtain. Now it’s up to the children to find them, all by themselves,

Another fantastic addition to Mysterious Benedict Society series. As usual, the plot is great, the characters are so real, you expect them to jump off the page,and the mysteries are so intricate you can’t help but try to solve them yourself.

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City of Glass

Book 3 of the Mortal Instruments series

By Cassandra Clare

Recommended for at least 12 and up

4.8 Stars


Clary & Jace are still struggling with the new =found revelation they are brother and sister when Clary learns her mother’s coma is because of a spell she set on herself. The only chance to save her is by going to the Shadowhunter city of glass and seeking out Ragnor Fell. But quickly, things become complicated when Clary is left behind and breaks into the city illegally with a vampire at her side. Simon is locked up with a traitor, Clary is shoved away by her friends, and a new, mysterious figure, Sebastian, joins the group. Who is Sebastian and why is he interested in Clary? How can Clary save her mother, and Jace? And how will they ever save the doomed world of the Shadowhunters?

Fabulous new setting in the city of glass, with fresh new characters and situations you couldn’t have predicted. I highly recommend this.

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Immortal Fire

By Anne Ursu

Book 3 of the Cronus Chronicles

4 1/4 Stars

This final book of the amazing Cronus Chronicles does an amazing job of answering all the questions you may have, and bringing a last spinning adventure to brave cousins, Charlotte & Zee.

This book was done well, with great twists and turns, and lots of surprises. Definitely my favorite out of the three, because the cousins’ pure of heart and strong determination shines through.

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The Siren Song

By Anne Ursu

Book 2 of the Cronus Chronicles

4 Stars


After narrowly escaping Philonecron’s clutches, Charlotte and Zee are still on edge, haunted my dreams of the mistreated Dead and urges to take revenge on Philonecron. Zee is focused on getting back at Philonecron and doesn’t tell Charlotte about a strange dream warning he received until he disappears. Charlotte is trying to reclaim her parents’ trust after vanishing to the Underworld, and dealing with embarrassment & a disbelieving shrink, until Zee starts acting strange and her family is gifted a cruise around history landmarks..that ends up transporting itself to the Mediterranean. Suddenly, Charlotte is thrown into a mysterious vengeful plot by Poseidon, and it’s up to her to save her family and the cruise ship. But why does Poseidon want to take revenge on her? And what is Philonecron up to?

Another fantastic addition to the Cronus Chronicles. I sat on the edge of my seat the entire time, wondering what ever was going to happen next! I highly recommend it.

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The Shadow Thieves

By Anne Urs

Book 1 of the Cronus Chronicles

4 Stars

We begin in the middle.. Charlotte Mielswetski (say it with me: Meals-wet-ski) is a normal moody eighth grader with puzzled parents & a special talent for talking her way out of anything, until a kitten appears in her path and her English cousin Zachary (Zee) comes to visit. Suddenly, Charlotte’s best friend and classmates become deeply ill and strange clay-like men seem to stalk her. Charlotte begins to realize something is very wrong, and learns that the shadowy men were originally following her cousin, and have been infecting all the children with a strange disease. Following an attack by the shadow clay men, Charotte’s English teacher explains that Greek myths are real, the men are stealing shadows to make an army to overthrow the Underworld, and the half god-half demon leader of the army, a (stylish) evil genius named Philonecron is planning on Zee being his second in command, throwing the Dead into eternal torture. Can Zee & Charlotte find out the real truth about the strange happenings before it is too late?

This is an amazing book that has an intense plot but a unique perspective on the story with changing point of views and order of events. I highly recommend it for girls & boys of all ages.

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When You Reach Me

By Rebecca Stead

4 Stars

"Book, bag, pocket, shoe."

It all started when Sal got punched in the face for seemingly no reason. Then Sal starts ignoring Miranda and she doesn’t know why. And she finally has to walk by the crazy, laughing man under the mailbox all alone. Suddenly, the hidden spare key to her apartment is stolen, and she starts receiving strange notes. They are urgent, telling her that a life is in mortal danger. But who’s life? And can Miranda really save a life before it’s too late?

Wow. Yes, I’m starting this review again with wow. This is another fabulous book, with a detailed plot and woven thread of mystery. This author is incredible. The time traveling concepts and world concepts are amazing. I loved this book, and highly recommend it to every reader out there, boy or girl, kid or adult.

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By Jessica Khoury

4 1/2 Stars

Pia has grown up in a laboratory deep in the Amazon forest, but she has never been out of the fence. Except for a careless thirteen steps when she was young and didn’t know why she could never leave. You see, she has been created for one purpose, creating a super race. She is immortal and will never, ever die. Probably. She is surrounded by mysterious characters that she called Aunt and Uncle, and doesn’t see anything strange about her life. That is, until Harriet comes into Little Cambridge and a hole opens in her fence. Suddenly, her world is flipped when she discovers that the world outside her cage is friendly and nice, nothing like the horrible tales she has heard. She meets a boy, a special boy, and her emotions are thrown out of balance. Could there be a terrible secret behind Little Cambridge? And could Pia, sensible, practical Pia, disobey reason and fall for the only real thing that makes her happy?

Wow. This book is fantastic! As you may have noticed, it’s on my favorite books list, because it is so amazing. I admit I was doubtful at the beginning of the book, but it truly is a great book! It is written brilliantly, and I never expected anything to happen! I thought I could predict what would happen, but this book is not predictable at all. I highly recommend it to everyone who appreciates an awesome book!

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By Phoebe Kitanidis

4 Stars

If only I could have a cup of coffee. I wish I knew how many calories were in a bite of muffin. I hope she realizes he hates her. I wish I could kick him out of my life. Joy is used to hearing Whispers. She can walk down the street and hear dozens of desires. Her mother and her agree they can make the world a better place with making people happy. Unfortunately, everything unravels on her birthday, when her rebellious, gloomy, friend-less sister Jessica messes her life up. And then disappears. Soon, Joy is finding out that her Whisper senses are picking up darker desires and that her perfect life is built on lies. Will Joy find her older sister in time, or will everything fall to pieces?

This is an amazing book with usual teen drama mixed with unnatural romance and family relationships. I absolutely recommend it to girls and guys ages 12 and up.

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